Michael Schumacher rated it as one of his all time favourite testing tracks.

Lewis Hamilton, having conquered karting, chose it for his first outing in a racing car, a Formula Renault.

When McLaren needed to do the promotional photoshoot of their new $2 million P1 Hypercar … they chose it too. 

And when the world's largest car manufacturer wanted to launch their new Supra GR Le Mans Racing Concept car onto the world stage … yep, they also selected it as the place for photos.

It has been graced by some of the very best drivers in the world, multiple world champions, from Alain Prost to Jenson Button to Emerson Fittipaldi to Walter Rohl .. amongst others ... and by marques such as Porsche, Ferrari, Mercedes, BMW and Aston Martin.
Michael Schumacher at Circuito Mike G Gaudix
Michael Schumacher rated it as one of his favourite testing tracks
Multiple world rally champion, Le Mans winner and Porsche ambassador, Walter Rohrl is seen at Gaudix
world leading marques such as Toyota and McLaren choose Gaudix for their photoshoots
Oh …and then Opel also won the global Automotive Brand Contest first prize when it created the Astra Launch Base at the circuit. 

Each guest stayed overnight in one of 250 luxurious bubble tents, while the presentation took place in a 4,000 sqm dome with the racing course standing at the ready for the driving experience.
The accolades go on. 

And now PIT LANE CLOTHING is extremely proud to announce our newest client: 

The Circuito Mike G Guadix in Granada, Spain. 

The world renowned circuit sits against the stunning backdrop of the snow covered Sierra Nevada mountain range and is located in the Granada region of southern Spain.

Widely regarded as one of Europe's most suitable circuits for testing & one to one coaching, it is no surprise that The Circuito Mike G Guadix is extensively used by some of the most successful racing teams in motorsport. 

And it is also now partners with PIT LANE CLOTHING as well. 

PIT LANE CLOTHING Management said,

‘this is a huge honour for us and we are thrilled to be able to provide a range of apparel specifically for Circuito Mike G Gaudix.

To be working with one of the coolest, most respected and frankly, one of the most stunning race tracks in the world is something to be very proud of. 

We extend our warmest regards and thanks to Natasha and Clive Greenhalgh and we look forward to working well into the future with the team at The Circuito Mike G Guadix”.

Further information on is available at: www.guadixcircuit.com