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FAQ's  + Fast Facts

Do I get a say in the design ?

Absolutely. In fact, we encourage it. 

We listen to your specific requirements first and then we incorporate things like team colours or driver numbers into the design.

Following this consultation and the required gift card payment, we will design a full personalised mock up page so you can view all of your finished items before ordering

Are there any hidden fees or design charges ?

At PIT LANE CLOTHING it is our policy that there are NO HIDDEN charges.  

In fact, our system does not allow this because with us, you only pay for what you buy.

We do NOT charge a design fee however for custom range design we do require a pre-design payment which is refunded back to you after order. This giftcard system is outlined below.

Full and complete totals are outlined at CHECKOUT page and there are NO extra charges. 

You only pay for what you buy.

Pre Custom-Design Gift card system
We do get asked to custom design ranges 'just to see how they look'. 

This is time consuming and requires professional fashion design skill.

And yes, after the consultation and the required pre custom-designed giftcard range purchase, you will receive your own personalised mock up page. This page allows you to view all of your items prior to buying.

In order for our professional designers to begin to CUSTOM design your range, we require an initial pre custom-design giftcard payment of $200.

This giftcard amount is then REFUNDED BACK to you - up to the value of $200 - after you order.

This means we do NOT charge a design fee.

This gift card system also avoids our professional designers taking the time to design your customised range for no result.

If you do not purchase from your custom designed range, this fee is non-refundable - because we have taken the time to design your range - however the $200 giftcard can be used on any PIT LANE CLOTHING item up to a value of $200 - so no, you do not just lose your money.

And remember - you DO get a say in the design - so changes and refinements are both normal and acceptable in order for you to achieve the exact result that you require.

Please note - no CUSTOMISED designing will begin prior to this custom design giftcard purchase.

Do I have to purchase a minimum Number of items ?


We race too - and therefore we know that sometimes you only need 1 item or a few.

PIT LANE CLOTHING was founded out of frustration at seeing many companies forcing you to either 'buy 200 or 300 items ...or none’... when you only need 1 or 2.

Our policy at PIT LANE CLOTHING is that you can buy 1 ... or an unlimited number of items.

Please note - with our CUSTOM design giftcard policy, if you do not purchase up to $200 worth of items from your custom range, you can still buy 1  item  or as many as you like - and the difference will be refunded back to you.

At PIT LANE CLOTHING you only pay for what you buy.

Can you make large quantity numbers ?


We have had multiple orders ranging into the thousands of items.

How long will it take for my order to arrive ?

With the majority of items, your order will be with you in 7 - 10 business days AFTER date of purchase. 

That is worldwide.

Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery.

Please remember - Your items are CUSTOM MADE TO ORDER which is a process in itself, and this takes time.

Certain items can be sent as URGENT and this will incur extra charges which are charged by our courier company partners - worldwide.

PIT LANE CLOTHING is a global company so our systems are set up to maximise worldwide orders over localised delivery.

We do NOT offer pick up locations at this point in time.

Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for your delivery.

Do you offer Embroidery or Direct to Garment printing ?

Yes. We offer both on clothing.

EMBROIDERY or DIRECT TO GARMENT PRINTING incur their own cost depending on your choice.

Embroidery is generally slightly more expensive due to stitching and template set up.

Some materials do not handle embroidery well and embroidery does require a certain size (ie: very tiny logos can not be embroidered due to stitch size).

Our shoes can only be designed with print design which is embedded into the leather at production.

Full and complete totals are outlined at CHECKOUT page

Can I sell my items to my fans ?


Many of our race drivers and race teams have fans all around the world and they use PIT LANE CLOTHING to handle their apparel needs, which they then sell to their fans. 

In fact, we can also ship the items directly to your fans for you.


Below are BASE ITEM PRICES for 1 of each item

For the majority of our items, we can incorporate ANY COLOURS and ANY sponsor logos, team names or numbers that you may require.

Some items may be restricted to base colours of white, navy or black but generally we can accommodate ANY requirement, depending on the garment material.

At PIT LANE CLOTHING it is our policy that there are NO HIDDEN charges. 
In fact, our system does not allow this because with us, you only pay for what you buy.

Standard POSTAGE and SHIPPING fees apply for any delivery.

Full and complete totals are outlined at CHECKOUT page prior to purchase 
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